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Faye Blais and The April Maze

Perennial repeat offenders The April Maze returned for yet another Main Street Session, this time they brought with them their close friend and touring Canadian singer songwriter Faye Blais. We must be doing something right as these guys can’t seem to help stopping in each time they pass Wollongong.

Since this marked the 4th visit for The April Maze to the Main Street Sessions we all took a step back and let Faye dress the set and throw some ideas forward, which is exactly what she did. Full of ideas ranging from the simple to the down right Hollywood blockbuster and everywhere in between, Faye managed to add a nice refreshing touch to a look which we had done before and her beautiful voice and playing to the music.

We start with a track by Faye called “Winter”. Sivan from The April Maze provided backing vocals and cello to the track. The original idea was the have the umbrella look like it was floating and for feathers to fall down on Faye throughout the song, we recorded a 2nd take of this song as the video for this version went so far from the plan. There was however something magical about this performance so a little bit of doctoring brought the video back from the brink.

Faye Blais & April Maze – Winter – Main Street Sessions from Relative Silence on Vimeo.

Canvas, another track by Faye Blais and backing provided by The April Maze. This was the first song we shot on the day and was the first time Adam and I had heard Faye sing. Impressive way to start if you ask me.

Faye Blais & April Maze – Canvas – Main Street Sessions from Relative Silence on Vimeo.

The Ways That I Love You, another Faye Blais track with backing by The April Maze.

The ways I love you from Relative Silence on Vimeo.

If I Can’t Walk, A track by The April Maze off their self titled EP.
When we called for lunch Todd and Sivi went into action, decorating the floor of the studio to look like a 1950s kitchen (at least that is the impression I got) so upon returning to the studio it was a time warp.

If I cant walk from Relative Silence on Vimeo.

Where Do They Go? – The April Maze featuring Faye Blais
This is a track co-written by The April Maze and Faye from their previous tour together, it is the current single available off The April Maze’s debut album “Recycled Soul”. As Faye is Canadian it is not often that the full writing ensemble get together to perform this track, so it was an absolute pleasure to watch them perform it live together.

Where do they go- from Relative Silence on Vimeo.

The last track we shot on the day (with the exception of a slightly drunk carpark jam) was a cover of Miss Ohio by Gillian Welch. It is not the first time that The April Maze have performed this track in the studio, having done it on their 2nd visit. This time the exception was that they wanted to do it with Faye, they wanted to do it in the back of their Kombi van called Shirley and of course being a Main Street Session we had to do it in one take.
This is without a doubt the most interesting and unique music video I have ever shot, the setup is one 500watt light as you can see in some of the shots, the SE Gemini II microphone also visible in the shots and one camera.

Ladies and Gentlemen please sit back and enjoy The April Maze and Faye Blais

April Maze & Faye Blais – Miss Ohio – Main Street Sessions from Relative Silence on Vimeo.

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