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The Return of Shaun Kirk

At Main Street Studios we take great pride in our work to ensure the artist is as happy as possible with the product they take home. Clearly we’ve been doing something right as Shaun Kirk returned for his 2nd visit to Main Street Studios for another Main Street Session.

Shaun was last in the studio in March 2010 and now 18 months later his sound has developed; as has his progress in pushing the boundaries of the singer-songwriter/one-man band genre.

Bringing with him this time his same old trusty Cole Clark and stomp boxes as last time, Shaun also brought with him enough electronic drum components to make some 1980s’ pop bands blush. In a few short hours Shaun laid down a few tracks which we are glad to share with you here.

Shaun’s debut album is now out.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Main Street Sessions proudly present Shaun Kirk (again)

Shaun Kirk – Thank You For Giving Me The Blues from Relative Silence on Vimeo.

Shaun Kirk – Going Back to the City – Main Street Session from Relative Silence on Vimeo.

Shaun Kirk – Chicken & Corn – Main Street Sessions from Relative Silence on Vimeo.

To download FREE mp3 versions of the tracks above click here

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