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Part 1: What Should You Be Recording?

It is increasingly becoming fact that at the moment, album sales are decreasing . iTunes and digital downloads have become the main way to get music out to the public. The audience wants instant access to the songs they want to hear, whether it be a download or streaming.

The audience’s attention span has also decreased. Without regular updates about what your band is doing, the audience can tend to get bored or distracted away from your band. You need to constantly update and keep fans aware of what the band is doing. The audience needs to feel connected to the band, and wants to hear new things!

There are a number of ways to keep your audience aware of your band. It can be uploading videos from live performances (try to get a desk mix to put with the video, no one likes to hear distorted audio, they will stop listening!!), videos behind the scenes at rehearsals (showing the band working on new material), studio diaries etc.

Another option is recording singles. If a band of 4 people put $50 aside each week, they can record a new song every 6 weeks. This can keep audiences interested as they will keep coming back to hear new songs. By the end of the year, the band will have 8 songs recorded. If the songs are released via iTunes or or and even MySpace, you can track which songs have the most downloads/plays. Pick the most popular 4 or 5 songs, and at the end of the year release this as your E.P. Your dedicated fans will still purchase the EP even though they have heard the songs, because they will want a proper physical copy. You could also record a new song to add to the EP so there is further incentive for the dedicated to purchase it.

The most important thing, is that you have a solid EP that is already made up of your most popular songs, so now you need to do a large tour to play to new audiences, impress them with your live show, and they will purchase your EP, and be blown away by the fact that its a solid EP full of great songs. This new audience will then tune in to you releasing a new song every 6 weeks. At the end of that year, release another EP of the most popular songs, impress new audiences and build a solid reputation as a great band. If you put out a couple EPs full of songs that have been proven to impress audiences, more people will take notice and there is more chances of the band breaking through!

The other benefit of this is that you don’t need to save up thousands of dollars and take a week or so off work to record your EP. By spacing it out, the money isn’t one large sum, plus it’s easier for the band members to all get 1 or 2 days off work every 6 weeks.

Why record an album?

Recording an album to find a label and get signed is kind of like hiring a reception hall; buying the rings and wedding dress, then waiting until you find a bride… That’s not exactly the right way to go about it. If a label has already expressed interest in you, and asked for an album to see what you are capable of, that’s a little different. If you are recording an album before you have a solid fan base, its going to be extremely hard to get people to notice you. Build your name and reputation first, create a demand for your album, make people want you to record a full length.

The best reason for a band that is still relatively unknown to record an album is purely for the love of music. Not to make money. You are making an album that you want to listen to and hopefully some more people will hear it and enjoy it too.

Please comment below with thoughts, opinions or what you think… I’m keen for a discussion on what can be done to find new ways to help promote bands and take things to the next level…
Also feel free to pass this around to others to generate more discussion…

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