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Part 8: How Should we Prepare for Recording?

Before going into the studio the band needs to do some pre-production and rehearsals.

Pre-Production should involve recording the songs and listening back. Because this recording is just for the band, it can be as simple as a one mic recording in the rehearsal room.

When listening back to these recordings there are certain things to look for;

Do everyone’s parts work together? Does is feel like a guitar part is clashing with the vocal? Do the drums have the right feel? Is the bass player hitting the right notes in the bridge? Does the solo suit the vibe of the song?

If you have chosen to work with a producer they should be involved in this process, it saves a lot of time to do this before going to the studio!

One thing you should try in the rehearsal room is everyone taking a turn at not playing and just listening to the song. This can give you perspective on where you sit in the song. Doing this can highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the song, or show parts when someone is overplaying or a part that doesn’t gel with what everyone else is playing.

Another thing to try is playing the songs just on an acoustic guitar. This can help show how the melody of the vocal works with what the guitars are playing. If the song and melody feels right when stripped back, but doesn’t feel right when everyone is playing, perhaps the arrangement needs some work to see what is changing the feel of the song.

Once you have listened through the recordings and fine-tuned the arrangements and what everyone is playing, rehearse the songs so everyone knows their parts! An all too common argument bands have in the studio is “Have you always played that?”, it is a time consuming and expensive argument to have in the studio and with proper preparation should happen in the rehearsal room so that studio time can be as smooth as possible.

Being well rehearsed will save time in the studio. This will save you money and give you a better final product.

It is important to be aware that things will still change in the song during recording. Inspiration can strike once things start coming together, but the more preparation beforehand, leaves you more time to add the little extra ideas that make a recording sound complete.

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